Our range of services encompasses everything required to successfully accomplish your project goals utilizing methods grounded in experience and state-of-the-art approaches.

Technology Consulting

The specialists of VERTO have extensive experience in research and development, project optimization, energy efficiency increase, and implementation of new technologies. VERTO offers services in preparation and implementation of all engineering stages of complex, technologically challenging projects. As part of our technology consul­ting, we support you in the selection of appropriate project management procedures, concepts and technologies.

Project and
PUBLIC Funding Management

Research and development projects usually involve high economical beside high technological risk. Available public funding instruments are often used to reduce that risk. The highly trained staff and certified project managers of VERTO have important experience and knowledge in the implementation of technical projects and are happy to support your project in the national and international public funding landscape.

Engineering Services

VERTO's engineering and design expertise will shape your success and bring your project to the next level.

The decision-making process to build a new plant consists of various steps followed by further stages to realize your project. VERTO will assist you in generating all documents all the way to the basic engineering phase and support you supervising subsequent stages until your project is finished. In the early stages of this plant realization the process idea itself has to be described and is depicted by a block flow diagram. Once the most important elements of the process are defined, the conceptional design, including a profitability analysis and a plant budget, can be shaped and developed based on the calculated mass and energy balances. Furthermore, the basic design of the plant will be specified. In detail, the basic engineering comprises the process engineering and process simulation of your plant, the plant layout with suitable software tools, as well as device and equipment specifications. At this stage basic drawings for the acquisition process, process flow diagram, piping and instrumentation diagram are generated. Furthermore, the process and function description, as well as solutions regarding environmentally and health conditions, and a safety concept with respect to the plant safety management will be defined. The overall workflow is accompanied by target oriented project management.

Computer Integrated Plant Design and Optimization

VERTO’s experience in computer integrated plant design and optimization allows fast response times for your plant requests.

Short response times enabled through high availability of software tools in the field of process simulation and computer aided design 
complement our range of offer. VERTO uses a combination of computer aided design software, simulation tools and budgeting programs to realize your vision in our virtual planning room. Your plant will be visualized through modern engineering software. The 3D model is linked to our engineering software tools. The software tools are interconnected with each other to ensure fluent data processing and to integrate continuous data analysis throughout the whole planning process and plant life cycle. The data will be available at any time and easily shared between customer, contractors, and other project partners. Furthermore, this approach enables VERTO to make fast modifications and evaluations of plant sections.

Process Simulation

VERTO's vast experience with process simulation comes from numerous past projects. The process simulation accompanies the whole engineering chain and is a very important key to success.

Together with its partner ECE, VERTO uses state of the art process simulation software. These process simulation tools originate from the power plant sector and offer great capabilities with respect to process simulation. Furthermore, our software tools are validated with operating data which allows engineering in a very high quality and reliable way. The mathematical model forms the virtual foundation of the plant design. A purposeful process simulation is critical to the success of a project and that is exactly why you can rely on VERTO’s experience to develop your own projects.